Work from unique spaces affordably.

Turning restaurants closed during the day into a network of co-working spaces

How it works

Walk in

Find the nearest venue to host a relaxed meeting or use as an office for the day.

Be greeted by a TwoSpace host when you walk in and sign up on the spot for a free trial.


Connect with the community working around you while you grow your own startup or complete your work.

All of this is happening while supporting local businesses in your area.

Happy Hour

At the end of the working day, your workspace transforms back into a restaurant or bar.

Networking dinner and drinks!


Enjoy the freedom of co-working from any of our spaces when you become a TwoSpacer. Work from the beach today and rooftop tomorrow.

Partner Addons

Tank Stream Labs
Hot Desk Access
Have a meeting or not working near a TwoSpace venue today, some of our co-working partners are offering TwoSpace members limited access to their hot desking space.
Tank Stream Labs
Meeting Rooms
Need to hold a meeting with more than a few people? We can help book out some of our venues, or board rooms at our partner venues. We even have awesome catering contacts.
Tank Stream Labs
Member Perks
Many of the partnerships we have formed want you to be the best you can be. So we have access to various discounts and benefits for our members, and we're still working on more.
Tank Stream Labs
Meet Industry Leaders
Our partners don't only join the TwoSpace community because they love us, they want to meet you too. TwoSpace members can request to meet with industry leaders that we know.


Free Trial
Walk in, say hi

  • Access to our venues
  • WiFi backed by Optus
  • Meet the TwoSpace community
1 day per week 
2 days per week 

  • Access to all our venues
  • Legal, marketing, etc. consults
  • WiFi backed by Optus
  • Plentiful power outlets
  • Access to partner hot desks
  • Web service credits & support
  • Member rates for tech courses
  • Exclusive event access
  • No strings attached
Team Package
Contact Us

  • WiFi backed by Optus
  • Packages tailored for the team
  • Plentiful power outlets

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What we offer

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and free spirits

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals

provides an affordable and unique experience. You are able to meet freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals getting away from an office setting, while supporting local businesses in your area.

During the day, make use of the space and be an active member in the TwoSpace community. In the evening, when it turns back into a restaurant, why not enjoy dinner and a drink with everyone.

Restaurants, pubs, under-utilised spaces

Restaurants, pubs, under-utilised spaces

Become part of the community. Allow our members to appreciate your unique and beautiful space during the day.

Wouldn't it be great if your restaurant was already filled with exciting people when you open the doors to start business as usual. Or, you could also take up the opportunity to have access to a variety of taste-testers sitting in your restaurant during the day.

Contact us to discuss how you can become involved in the booming sharing economy.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and free spirits

Become a Host

is seeking entrepreneurs and self-employed legends to be space hosts.

Each venue is hosted by one driven, sharp-minded and welcoming person. And that person could be you!

We're currently looking for more space hosts to manage and grow our new, soon-to-be-launched venues. Hosting a space comes with plenty of perks, a supercharged network and a share in membership revenue.

To find out more and apply now and answer a few simple questions.

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