About Us

P.S. Matt the co-owner of Havana Beach in Manly, one of our fav spaces, snuck into the picture. If you see him in Manly say hi!

At TwoSpace we transform restaurants, cafes and hotels into a network of flexible co-working spaces where you can work, meet, play.


Supporting local is something that we at TwoSpace feel strongly about. Without the spaces that we partner with we would not be able to build and connect our community of flexible workers anywhere and everywhere. These members become regular diners, and social patrons championing the spaces they work from with enthusiasm.


Why do we do this? Just imagine being able to bring in all the people who work from home or scattered around cafes in your area, into your space to co-work together. Now imagine being able to do this in suburbs and cities all around the world while also connecting these pockets of people through technology.


How did it start? Co-founders Tashi and Rob came up with the idea while having a meeting about something completely unrelated in… you guessed it, a restaurant. The space itself had a beautiful interior, sunlight and fresh air. In the middle of this catch-up they thought to themselves “Hey, this place is great, why don’t we use this as our office?”


It was the perfect time to come up with such a new concept, as the rise of flexible working was a lifestyle choice being adopted by not just freelancers but also corporate culture. By embracing the sharing economy and partnering with restaurants, cafes, and hotels, TwoSpace were able to provide unique, flexible and very affordable co-working spaces. This introduced a workspace solution to people that would normally work from home and noisy cafes, or couldn’t afford office space. Today the TwoSpace vision has grown to connect these pockets of people locally, across cities and countries using our technology.



Thank you for joining us on this journey,