Rules of Fight TwoSpace Club

While we’d like to say there are no rules, this is a community space and we want to make sure all TwoSpacers are able to enjoy the workspace ­ so here are a few things to keep in mind while working out of any TwoSpace location. 

These Community rules (the “Community Rules”) govern use of the restaurant and hotel workspace services (the “Services”) offered by TwoSpace Pty Ltd  (“TwoSpace,” “we,” “us,” or “our”).  These Community Rules form part of the Membership Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”).  By using our Services, you agree to follow these Community Rules, along with any applicable Hotel and Restaurant Rules, and all other terms and conditions which can be found here

Don't be that annoying person

  • Like fast internet? Us too. So please avoid torrenting, up/downloading large files until you’re back using your neighbour’s unlocked wifi.
  • We dig an ambient workplace, but just head to the balcony or outdoors areas if you need to make long calls or multiple sales calls. For the same reasons, please keep volume to a minimum.
  • This isn’t a restaurant as much as it looks like one ;) , toss any rubbish and old love letters in the bin, or put dirty glasses away before you go.


  • The hotels and restaurants provide their own ambient music in our coworking spaces; if you wish to listen to your own music, you may do so with headphones.

Hotel staff

  • The Hotel staff are trained to help you get started but may not be a TwoSpace product expert, so please check our FAQs section here or contact us directly and save them the 20 questions :)
  • If a hotel or restaurant staff member politely asks you to move or leave the space due to guest usage, bookings or functions you must comply. TwoSpace will do its best to communicate if the space is booked for private functions on certain days.

Bringing your own food

  • Outside food is not permitted in most of our hotel spaces. Please check each Space's description on the Community Platform to see if you can bring outside food before doing so. This is due to branding reasons for the restaurant or hotel wanting their own food on their tables to not confuse their customers. There is no obligation to purchase food as a TwoSpace member at any of our venues.

Wifi & Security

  • TwoSpace provides internet access via our TwoSpace wifi connection in all our spaces.  You may use our internet connection and our network for lawful purposes only.
  • While we employ standard security measures with respect to our network, our connections may not be 100% secure.  In addition, the nature of our Services means that your workspace may not be completely private.  TwoSpace is not responsible for any unauthorized use or disclosure of any confidential information or documents that you bring to the workspace or that you access, transmit, or store using our network.

TwoSpace reserves the right to deny any Member, trialist or guest access to any workspace, or may remove such Member, trialist or guest from any workspace, if TwoSpace, in its sole discretion, determines that such Member’s, trialist's or guest’s presence at or use of the workspace is or may be inconsistent with these Community Rules or is inappropriate, illegal, disruptive to other Members, creates security or privacy issues, or may expose TwoSpace or the applicable restaurant to potential liability or other risk.